Our well-organized teams use best practice processes and development methodologies by applying CUSTOMIZED APPROACH ensuring quick and efficient development and deployment of advanced software solutions.


Unique "SEPTEM" Principles are foundational guidelines in an extensive range of interactions, processes and corporate culture that are beneficial for solving complex issues and making right decisions. They ultimately help us to accomplish our goals, evaluate any opportunity and motivate us to make our company grow and prosper.
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    We promote consistent progress and pursue exceptional execution.
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    We provide early and continuous delivery of working software.
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    We welcome challenges and adopt changes for the Clients advantage.
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    We give high importance and attention to technical excellence.
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    We treat complexities by eliminating waste and focus on practical usability.
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    We build with motivated professionals within supportive environment.

Our Advantages!

Being the first and only Advanced Software Laboratory in the Azerbaijan Software market, with its professional team, enhanced practical experience, wide range of services, multi-functional product portfolio, special approach and principles is the right address you are looking for.
Full Cycle of Software Development
Our advanced team of experts provides all components of software development depending on customer needs. We easily and professionally cover all phases of software development, including requirements analysis, product development, testing, installation, deployment, final launch and support.
Fast Startup and MVP Development
Using a structured process to create any user-centric MVP, we are capable to present final products to market very quickly and on budget. Such approach helps to rapidly launch and validate key product features so that the business can grow as quickly as possible.
Agile Product Management
A deep application of Agile approach in product strategy planning and development helps our teams to work in productive collaboration, achieve goals, get fast feedback, improve products, finish sprints and reduce costs.
Technology Agnostic Approach
We do not sell or promote any specific solutions or technologies. Focusing entirely on customer preferences, we always offer the precise and most appropriate technologies stack and customized solutions best fit to unique business needs.
Senior Team and Domain Expertise
Our senior developers with more than 10 years of professional experience welcome any initiative and challenge to provide customized solutions that help achieve business goals. Our practical domain expertise of various businesses and technologies allows us to choose the most correct and best fit tools, approaches, platforms and programming languages for the development of software products.


Each project we successfully deliver guarantees our Clients huge advantages like more control, increased efficiency, full customization, cost reduction, resource and process optimization and more time to focus on growth and scaling of businesses
img Increasing Productivity Our solutions help to avoid duplications, boost communication and data sharing to free-up resources and increase productivity
img Cost Reduction Each of our customized solutions allows to automate and digitize routine tasks and processes ensuring significant cost cutting
img Operations Streamline We provide digital solutions in alignment with Client’s business model and in-house operations. Our software helps to optimize and streamline of major process flows
img Competitive Advantage Increased efficiency, cost and time saving, workflow optimization and digitalization supported by our solutions allow our Clients to gain Strategic Advantages in the market
img Digital Transformation We help to transform businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that satisfy the needs of today and unlock the opportunities of tomorrow.